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The Maltese Islands are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: this is enough to understand which role it had and still has in this part of the world.

Safe landing place, impregnable fortress, meeting point of the most variegated cultures, Malta should be taken as symbol of the Mediterranean world.

Malta has a rich history spanning 7,000 years and has seen a succession of foreign rulers, including the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Spanish, the Order of the Knights of St. John, the French and the British. They all left their mark on the islands and its people; and the structures, buildings and monuments they built form the backdrop to a history that is as fascinating as it is long. The magnificent megalithic temples that pre-date the pyramids, the capital city Valletta, today a UNESCO world heritage site, the Medieval city of Mdina and the Citadel in Gozo are just a few places that contribute to the mosaic of modern Malta.

Add to this an excellent climate, honey-coloured limestone buildings, crystal clear seas, picturesque beaches and a breath-taking coastline and Malta becomes a “must” of a travel in the Mediterranean.

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Tour of Malta

We offer Malta, on request of our customers, in the context of a trip to Sicily. From Catania, there is a regular air service with Air Malta, and from Pozzallo with catamarans, on which you can load buses. Non the less, thanks to the good cooperation with our local correspondents, we offer extended stays on site and exclusive site tours in Malta.

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