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Services and benefits

We take you far

All the advantages of a partnership with Sicilvision

Economic benefits

Thanks to the large purchase volumes for many and variegated clients, we are able to offer very competitive prices for our services.

Direct and detailed knowledge of the locations and the established relationships with suppliers

This is our land. For the love we have for it and thanks to a network of collaborators and friends, we have personally sifted through it in search of reliable and qualified suppliers. The personal relationship we have established with each of them can only be an advantage for the final customer.

Customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Your groups and customers will never feel alone, a friendly human voice ‘ll answer your calls. Emergency numbers will be always provided.

Verification and continuous control of services

Getting feedback from the customer after, but also during the performance of our services is for us a fundamental principle. We don’t relax on our laurels and our continuous visits and the attention to detail, have become a must for us, as for our suppliers.

Continuous availability and flexibility

The programs and services are assembled with the customer. Our suggestions are important, but even more the customer’s needs. For each there is a dedicated employee who follows the file from the beginning until the last operative day, a reference point for you as for your tour leader with the group.

Fast response and request processing (first response within 4 hours)

The Sicilvision team is able to process your requests with dynamism and flexibility in a short time, due to a functional internal organization, perfected over the years. We hate endless times and we put ourselves in the shoes of customers: the speed of response is our priority.


All the services

A team dedicated to creating unique journeys


We organize tailor-made tours for you, of any length and any theme, with any kind of transport. Twentyfive years of experience on the field allow us extreme flexibility. The perfect knowledge of the locations guarantees total customer satisfaction.


Sicilvision has direct contracts with over 180 structures, especially in Sicily and Sardinia, but also in other regions of Italy, and negotiates prices individually and spaces as needed. We offer 3 to 5 stars facilities in town, in the countryside, at the seaside, in tourist villages and farmhouses, often with our allotment.


Gastronomy is a strength of the Italian regional traditions. We chose personally, testing them “live”, dozens of restaurants and “trattorie”, farmhouses and takeaways for street food, wineries and agricultural producers of all kinds you can insert in any tour, in order to ensure the highest customer satisfaction at a reasonable price. From tastings to dinners, from cooking classes to corporate brunches, promoting eco-sustainability, which means genuine products, control of the supply chain and fairness.


Sicilvision can guarantee the services of a large fleet of buses of all sizes due to direct contracts with several bus companies on a regional scale with proven reliability. All the buses are led by experienced and trusted drivers, fit for every kind of route.

Organized visit

Thanks to the long experience Sicilvision can arrange for your customers visits of any type, both touristic and technician, to all kinds of agricultural and livestock producers, from wineries to sheep, to artisans and artists, to private buildings of historical-artistic interest, even difficult to access, institutions, factories and mines.

Local guides

All guides who work with us are professionals with a license granted by the organs of the Italian State. They are multilingual, have a proven track record, have been carefully selected by us and are ready to lead any group anywhere.

Maritime Transports

Sicilvision has direct contracts with the main Italian shipping companies such as Grandi Navi Veloci and Tirrenia. Therefore, we can offer your groups sea transports in the Mediterranean area from Naples, Genoa, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Toulon to Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Spain, Tunisia and Marocco, at highly competitive prices.

Boat and car rental

Sicily and Sardinia are associated with the sea, and the sailing holiday is an aspect we don’t leave out. From sailing boat to gulet, Sicilvision meets every need of yours. The formula Fly&Drive, which allows more freedom in choices and movements, is particularly appreciated by dynamic people, for whom Sicilvision provides its advantageous contracts with car hire companies on regional scale.

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