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One cannot affirm to have already seen a magical and wild place, without an experience in SARDINIA. Sardinia is not comparable to Italy, and differs from Sicily, it is essentially a world apart with its beautiful coasts, partly rocky and partly Caribbean, and kaleidoscope of landscapes.

It’s an ancient world, geologically, with its granite in the north, and culturally, with its mysterious Nuraghes. Sardinia has its own language, its own ancient traditions and proud inhabitants. The trip to Sardinia is a trip to the origin of Mother Earth.

Sardinia is one of the most popular tourist regions in the Mediterranean, the 1800 kilometers of coasts of the “small continent” attract thousands of sea, sun and windsurf lovers every summer from all over Europe, fascinated by an incredible sequence of sandy beaches, small bays, rocky coasts, 227 minor islands and islets, accompanied by the fragrant evergreen Mediterranean bush and kissed by a crystalline sea that varies from blue, to turquoise and green. The wild nature and the incredible variety of breath-taking landscapes in an island with little human presence and which has therefore preserved vast areas with unspoiled nature, with 6 national and regional parks, 30 natural monuments and 5 protected marine areas, are a paradise for those who want to reconnect with the Spirit of the World.

Added to this is the charm of the mysterious prehistoric civilization called “nuragic”, unique in the world, due to the over 7000 nuraghi, truncated cone-shaped towers built “dry” with enormous stones and scattered throughout Sardinia. Then an anthropological and ethnographic heritage that has remained incredibly authentic to this day. Not only with the artistic craftsmanship and costumes of different villages with a liveliness of colours and exceptional decorations, but above all the traditions of the festivals: Easter processions, traditional carnivals, medieval jousting and feasts dedicated to the patron saints. Even today, only in a few towns of Barbagia can you hear the “tenores” song typical of shepherds, recognized as an intangible world’s heritage as a testimony of a timeless ancestral pastoral culture. Without forgetting the countless small productions of excellence, such as wines, pecorino and non-pecorino cheeses, olive oil, hundreds of different types of bread, among which the typical Carasau bread stands out and much more that can be discovered by visiting Sardinia.

It can be said that this unique, incomparable island is an invitation to stop and reflect on what matters in life.

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